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Preach the Word

May 2, 2019 Speaker: Afshin Ziafat Series: 2018 D&T Conference Audio

Topic: Liturgy

Afshin Ziafat calls pastors and worship leaders to make preaching the Word central in our corporate gatherings.


"Because we can know God through his Scripture, God’s written Word is powerful to give us life."

"Get in the Word of God, and see the places where he’s very clear about what his will is."

"Vision and dreams are prominent in places where the Word of God is not. I’ve met some people who have come to Christ through visions and dreams, and I’ve seen their Bibles, and it is devoured—they have notes on every page. They don’t want more visions and dreams—they want the Word of God."

"Preaching is a stewardship that’s been given to us."

"Preaching is God’s standard method, though not his only method, to herald the message."

"The reason preaching is important isn’t because of the man preaching; it’s because the Word of God is so important."

"The reason people shrink back from declaring the whole counsel of God’s Word is because their aim ultimately is to get a crowd. If you just want followers or more people, then you’re going to avoid some sections of Scripture."

"Even preaching and leading music, it’s not about our gifts. You preach so they would be equipped for every good work."

"God doesn’t need non-Christians to believe his Word is authoritative for his Word to actually move and have power. He’s not dependent on that."

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