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Word-Based, Spirit-Led

April 25, 2019 Speaker: Charlie Hall Series: 2018 D&T Conference Audio

Topic: Liturgy

Charlie Hall, Ryan Gikas, and Joel Limpic discuss what it means to lead worship that is both saturated with Scripture and led by the Spirit.


"What’s the origin of the songs in Colossians 3:16? It’s a filling of the Spirit. As the spirit fills the church, the Word of God comes out of our mouths."

"The end for which the Word exists is not that I would be right, but that I would know the God who inspired this Word."

"The aim of biblically-informed or biblically-saturated worship is that as our minds are informed, our hearts would be affected, that our affections would be stirred, that we would delight in him, and that delight would fuel a response, and that the response would be authentic worship."

"The same Spirit of God is present on Tuesday when we’re prayerfully preparing and on Sunday morning."

"We meticulously go through our plan, but also, I tell everyone, 'Stay alert. God is alive. He’s a resurrected King. He’s sent his Holy Spirit that points us to Jesus. This plan doesn’t rule us—Jesus rules us—so what can he do?'”

"We’re not just telling a story that happened; we’re telling a story that’s happening. We’re inviting people in, rehearsing and remembering, but we’re also participating."

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