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Creativity and the Way of the Trinity

April 11, 2019 Speaker: Sandra McCracken Series: 2018 D&T Conference Audio

Topic: Liturgy

Sandra McCracken shows how our everyday creativity comes to life as we learn to walk in the way of the Trinity.


"Belonging brings us out of isolation. We’re so prone to isolation. Left on our own, we’re isolated, controlling, trying to manage everything. Yet the life of the church is a life of invitation, of communal coming together and belonging."

"As we engage in what it means to collaborate, it doesn’t mean we passively have no opinions. It means that we come together and say, 'This needs to be said, and I need you to hear it.'"

"Anytime there’s creative work or you’re holding a microphone on a Sunday or anytime during the week, you’re going to be wrestling with your ego. It’s just inevitable. It doesn’t mean you have to run away. It means there’s an opportunity that the gospel can press in close and that it can become a place where we say, 'Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we need your whole communion to invite us into wholeness only you can give us.'"

"Because we have biblical examples, we know we’re not the first ones to experience what we’re experiencing. So we can press through those difficult places into healthy collaboration where we can disagree and still love, where it stays love and we don’t run from each other. It’s going to require forgiveness and letting go."

"There’s hospitality even in the logistics of asking how you’re going to set up the stage, or what you’re going to do when somebody drops something or misses a cue. Do we have the presence as people together to push through those awkward moments and to think about the logistics in light of welcome and wanting to be a place where people are invited because Christ is the host?"

"In the way of the Trinity, there’s abundance."

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