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See the Word

April 4, 2019 Speaker: Tony Merida Series: 2018 D&T Conference Audio

Topic: Liturgy

Tony Merida invites us to consider how the Lord's Supper and baptism in the worship gathering make the gospel visible to one another and to unbelievers.


"The resurrection isn’t simply a truth to die on. It’s a truth to live on."
"When we meet together for worship, we aren’t just looking at the stage. We’re ministering to each other."
"We’re reminding each other that our greatest problem has been solved."
"Grace fuels praise. When you realize your greatest problem has been removed, it gives you peace and a desire to praise."
"You can’t encourage your brothers and sisters without being there. It’s a danger to not be with your brothers and sisters."
"If you believe God has spoken in his Word, wouldn’t you want to read it?"
"You can build a crowd on personality, but you can’t build a church."
"What makes a church a church? It’s not a budget, or a building. It’s the Word of God preached and the sacraments administered."
"The Lord’s Supper isn’t a funeral. Jesus is doing O.K."

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