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Building a Team

March 14, 2019 Speaker: Aaron Ivey Series: 2018 D&T Conference Audio

Topic: Liturgy

Aaron Ivey coaches worship leaders early in their ministry on how to build a healthy, growing culture on their worship team.


"If you can lead and foster an environment where your team is actually worshiping Jesus off of stage, away from the Sunday gathering, and they’re truly worshipers, that’s one of the first steps to having an effective worship team."
"Culture is how human beings interact with each other. If you and I are culture-shapers at our church, how do the human beings on our team interact with each other?"
"Every person on the planet is a culture maker. You’re making culture around you every day, whether you realize it or not."
"At the end of the day, we all want vision. How do you do it? Start by asking the question, 'Where do we want to go?'"
"Crafting vision means telling your people who they are over and over again."
"Look who’s right in front of you, and shepherd them. One of the biggest traps church can fall into is missing the people that are right in front of them, because they’re looking for people outside their circle that are better, more qualified, more dynamic, etc."
"Good culture starts with culture-shapers looking at who’s right in front of them, and shepherding them."
"Our attention span is getting shorter while the role of ministry seems like it keeps getting longer."
"Good leaders listen way more than they speak. There’s no way for you to truly know how to lead your people if you’re not listening to what’s actually going on in their life."
"No amount of good vision will ever supersede good pastoring."
"What is most valuable is always revolving around: 
  • Who are the people I’m called to lead? 
  • What is my calling as a worship pastor right now? 
  • What is the mission of my church in the city that I live in?"
"Everybody on your team already has leaders in their life. They’re volunteering to follow us. What makes it worth them following us? What makes this ministry worth pouring your life into?"

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