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"Look at All These People": One Short Talk and Two Confessions

March 7, 2019 Speaker: Matthew Westerholm Series: 2018 D&T Conference Audio

Topic: Liturgy

Listen in as Matthew Westerholm teaches on God's particular glory in moving slow.


"My view of God’s work was too narrow. I overestimated the immediate impact of five songs, but because God can work immediate miracles, I was overlooking the Spirit’s no-less-miraculous slow motion work."

"Either learn to recognize God’s movement over the long haul, or suffer a ministry of needless frustration, discouragement, and ingratitude."

"The Spirit has moved like river rapids, quickly, vivaciously, startling to see; and the Spirit moves like a glacier, subtly, cumulatively, and sometimes so imperceptibly that the impatient believer might be unaware of his work."

"God has a particular glory he likes to show off by moving slow."

"If the timeline for God’s activity were contained within our lifetime, we might be tempted to confuse God’s accomplishment with our activity."

"If your people memorized the lyrics you’re planning to sing in church this Sunday, would they be able to share the gospel with somebody in your city? If not, is it too late to fix that?"

"Are we preparing our hearts now for our last days by learning and singing songs that etch gospel truths deep into our hearts?"

"May we not despise the day of small things, but may we become more aware of God’s extraordinary work through our ordinary means."

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