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Pray the Word

February 28, 2019 Speaker: Thabiti Anyabwile Series: 2018 D&T Conference Audio

Topic: Liturgy

Rediscover the joy of praying Scripture together as Thabiti Anyabwile preaches on this important topic.


"Prayer should not be so formal that it prohibits bonding. It should be so familial that it builds bonding."

"Good public prayer does good public theology."

"Our prayers should be rehearsing the wondrous acts of God in creation and redemption."

"We should pray believing the theology we pray."

"If God is our ruler, we should pray according to his rule."

"God’s sovereign rule should be reflected in the content of our prayers—how we address him and what we ask of him."

"When we pray his Word, we should pray so we can hear him speaking back to us by that very Word."

"When we pray the Word, we ought to emphasize what the Scripture emphasizes."

"Pray with wonder—not performance, but genuine wonder."

"The saints prayed the actual words of God because they believed the inspiration of Scripture."

"When we consider what God has given us in the Word, we realize how weak and uninspired our words are."

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