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Getting Started with Liturgy

February 21, 2019 Speaker: Charlie Hall Series: 2018 D&T Conference Audio

Topic: Liturgy

How can you think through liturgy in your own church? Charlie Hall shows five things that liturgy is—and offers handles for how you can get started.


"Liturgy is an order of worship that’s intentionally shaped to create space where the human heart/story can collide with God’s story. It’s ruled and fueled by the Word of God and Holy Spirit to form us and send us."

"When you’re on stage you tend to think, 'What’s the best case scenario for me to lead these people and for other leaders to see that I’m doing well leading these people?' That’s dangerous, because you’re not thinking of the depressed, the weak, the broken, the abused, the betrayed. Sometimes they're the people with their hands way up, weeping, and we think, 'They must be really walking with God.' No, they’re starving for the help of God."

"Liturgy is Christ formation, affection orientation, gospel remembrance, kingdom reflection, and aesthetic hospitality."

"We offer the sturdiest picture of God we can. A sturdy picture of God from the Scriptures keeps us from making up a god of our imagination who can’t save, can’t do anything, can’t heal."

"Each of us is wrestling for the Father’s blessing, and it’s found in Jesus."

"Liturgy is there to help people return to God over and over, every Sunday."

"Even if I were sad and couldn't sing, I would hear the people of God singing the truths of God and it would fall on my ears and start to affect my heart."

"In the local church, when I say, 'Sing loud!' it’s because I know we’re warring together. We want to hear the voices; we want to hear the truth; we want to sense the delight."

"Every little part of our liturgy forms Christ in us."

"Liturgy reflects the kingdom and sends people to live on mission in their vocation."

"Liturgy is hospitable to all people on their journey and it welcomes everyone as they are."

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