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First Things First

February 14, 2019 Speaker: Michael Bleecker Series: 2018 D&T Conference Audio

Topic: Liturgy

Michael Bleecker takes us back to what matters most for a worship leader: the heart.


"God isn’t so cheaply sentimental as to forget all your crimes, but he is so loving as to sacrifice himself for all of them."

"To be self-aware, we need to know our own strengths and weaknesses. This enables you to celebrate the strengths and gifts of others and not feel threatened by them."

"We want to joyfully applaud the success of another, especially when our gifts are similar."

"Everybody’s a theologian. Some of us are accidental Pharisees. Some of us are accidental heretics."

"We need to crush the spirit of exclusivity. When thinning the herd becomes more important than expanding the kingdom, or raising the bar becomes more important than helping people climb over it, something has gone wrong. Don’t create a circle of fellowship that’s tighter than Jesus’ circle of acceptance."

"Be humble and work hard. You need God’s help to be an effective worship leader, pastor, minister. Don’t take it for granted you can knock it out of the park based on natural ability. Do the humble work of preparing and praying for the Spirit’s power."

"We do what we do to exalt the triune God and to see by the power of the Holy Spirit the full, conscious, and active participation and maturation of the people at (insert your church name) in spirit and in truth."

"The church cannot afford to settle for worship leaders who are capable, emotive musicians but are incompetent theologians. Conversely, the church cannot afford to settle for worship leaders who are competent theologians but incapable, unemotional musicians and worshippers."

"We must stay tethered to the text and tethered to community."

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