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Recapturing the Wonder

February 7, 2019 Speaker: Mike Cosper Series: 2018 D&T Conference Audio

Topic: Liturgy

Mike Cosper diagnoses disenchantment in the Church, and invites church leaders to recapture the mystery of Scripture and spiritual practices.

“The gods of our culture are no longer transcendent things (Acts 17). They’re things like money, power, glamour, and sexuality.”

"We have to understand that people come into our congregations shaped and formed by the disenchanted world.”

"The Christian life is a whole three-dimensional experience. There’s a whole Christian geography of knowing the world that forms people into the image of Jesus so they're transformed and have a sense of transcendence.”

"Just as modernism sought an explanation for everything, Christianity post-modernity sought the same thing. Rather than treating the Bible as a living, breathing thing, we treat it as a formal textbook, something we can break down and understand.”

“If you believe what the Bible says about itself, you should have a sincere confidence that this is a book you’re never going to master. It’s bigger than you, it’s more powerful than you, and it has a whole lot to say that’s beyond what you can comprehend.”

"Literalism goes to the Bible looking for evidence of dinosaurs; liberalism goes looking for the confirmation of its own social and political biases. Both treat the text as something that can be mastered and managed, and both drain the text of any inherent mystery."

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