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Three Reasons to Attend the Doxology & Theology Conference

We’re less than two weeks away from #doxandtheo16, and a few spots are still available. (Also, registration closes October 31.) If you’ve been on the fence about joining us next week, here’s three reasons to sign up today:

1. Experience the content.

In our current age of technological advancements, we all know that content—whether from a conference or a weekend worship gathering—will wind up online in some form. You can probably still receive the content from this conference at a later date, sure.

However, we often overlook the value and impact of experiencing content. Conference talks, panels, and discussions are often connected to formative moments. I recently spoke with a conference attendee whose favorite conference moment was how the Spirit of God used a conference talk and the ensuing musical response to shape him in a way that cannot be replicated online.

This is often how God works at conferences. There will be many moments like this at #doxandtheo16. Don’t miss out on what God has to say to you.

2. Interact with conference leaders.

The lineup for every @DoxandTheo conference filled with gifted communicators, and #doxandtheo16 is no exception. The intimate feel and format of D&T conferences provide attendees with an opportunity to dialogue and interact with many of the conference leaders, either in breakouts or through informal conversations on campus. The D&T leaders are accessible, love serving the local church, and want to help equip and encourage your local church ministry.

3. Network with the tribe.

Every conference has a tribe. Many of the attendees of @DoxandTheo conferences are pastors and worship leaders in gospel-centered, reformed churches. We want to exalt the name of Jesus in our lives and our gatherings. Come fellowship with like-minded brothers and sisters from churches all over the world. #doxandtheo16 will provide you with some new friendships that will encourage you to persevere with faithfulness, and you might discover some fresh applications for your ministry through the ministries of others.

If you’re undecided, maybe the fact that you’re reading this blog post is God’s way of telling you to join us. Maybe you’re reading this and the Holy Spirit is bringing to mind brothers or sisters in ministry that you need to invite.

Wherever you are, we invite you to come and network with the @DoxandTheo tribe this year at #doxandtheo16. Register today, before it’s too late, and we’ll see you next week in Louisville, KY.