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The Reformation We Need Today

In this panel conversation from this year's T4G Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, Mark Dever, John MacArthur, Ligon Duncan, and Al Moher discuss the reform that is still needed in the church today. The heart of their conversation will also serve as the theme of this year's Doxology & Theology Conference. That is, we will consider how to continue to hold up our worship practices to the light of Scripture and continually reform them in the pursuit of purity and clarity. 

Some memorable quotes from the clip include:

"Churches are looking for songs with no heresy. That is not enough." - Al Mohler

"Worship happens when I understand the depths from which I have been redeemed." - John MacArthur

"Pastor, the music is your business." - Mark Dever

I hope you are asking similar questions about your practice of corporate worship, and will join us as we explore these issues at the Doxology & Theology Conference this year in Louisville, Kentucky.

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