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D&T Podcast: Getting Started

D&T podcast icon (1)We just posted the final audio from our 2016 Doxology & Theology Conference, focused on Worship Reformed. We hope the podcast is a helpful resource for you as you lead God’s people in worship! To help you get the most out of the podcast, we’ve organized podcasts by topic, and italicized titles that are particularly helpful to those just beginning in worship ministry. Join the conversation by letting us know which ones were most helpful to you on Twitter or Facebook!

The Solas of the Reformation

Glory to God Alone,” Aaron Ivey
Christ Alone,” Trip Lee
Faith Alone,” Jared Wilson
Scripture Alone,” Dr. Albert Mohler
Grace Alone,” Scotty Smith
Always Reforming,” Matt Boswell

Worship Leadership and Liturgy

Gospel-Centered Worship,” Jared Wilson
The Worship Pastor,” Zac Hicks
Proclamation and Praise: Christ Our Worship Leader,” Ron Man
Made for Wonder, Prone to Wander: The Gospel for Worship Leaders,” Scotty Smith
Panel on Liturgy,” Jonathan Welch with Mike Cosper, Charlie Hall, Zac Hicks, and Latifah Phillips
Ten Questions to Ask While Planning Worship,” Mike Cosper

Multicultural Worship

Loving Our Neighbors: How to Lead in a Diverse Community,” Isaac Adams and Jonathan Welch
Panel on Multicultural Worship,” Kevin Twit with Isaac Adams, Jonny Barahona, Trip Lee, and Jimmy McNeal


Panel on Songwriting,” Michael Bleecker, Matt Boswell, Aaron Ivey
The Benefits and Limits of Creativity,” Bob Kauflin
The Liturgy, the Artist, and Fathering,” Charlie Hall
Fostering a Creative Team Culture,” Aaron Ivey

Hymns and Hymn-Writers

Who Is Isaac Watts?” Mike Cosper
Beyond Watts and Wesley: Exploring German Hymnody,” Kevin Twit
Beyond All Splendor: How to Read a Hymn for All It's Worth,” Dr. Esther Crookshank
Martin Luther: Noise the Gospel Abroad,” Kevin Twit
Thomas Cranmer: Liturgist of the Reformation,” Zac Hicks

Questions in Worship Leadership

Biblical Songs, Questionable Sources,” Bob Kauflin, Zac Hicks, Matthew Westerholm
Already and Not Yet: Confessing Our Worship,” Matthew Westerholm
Questions in the Theology of Worship,” the SBTS Department of Biblical Worship
Developing Scripture-Guided Worship Liturgy,” Drs. Joe Crider and Tom Nettles