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Foundations of an Effective Worship Leader

Do you want to become a more effective worship leader?

This new offering from Austin Stone Worship will help you learn from leaders like Aaron Ivey, Matt Carter, Charlie Hall, Robbie Seay, Tony Merida & many others! In this free 3-video training (plus free PDF download) you will learn:

  • 5 rhythms of healthy worship leaders that you can incorporate into your own life to help you become more effective. 
  • The roadblocks to becoming a more effective worship leader and how to navigate those barriers without burning out in the process.
  • The 5 foundations to effective worship leading and how to let those naturally become a part of your life and ministry (plus free downloadable Foundations PDF).

Today is the last day to get this free resource, so we want to encourage you to move quickly and sign up. Also, Austin Stone will be one of the teams that lead at the Doxology and Theology Conference coming this fall in Louisville, Kentucky.

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