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Learn More about the 2018 Conference Breakouts

Our 2018 conference is in just over a week!

Our breakout sessions are listed on the conference registration form, but we thought we’d give you a bit more info about each one. (If you haven’t already signed up, register now.)

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This year, we’ve structured breakout sessions a little differently. Instead of various a la carte breakouts, we wanted to be more intentional about helping you focus on particular topics by creating breakout tracks. The six tracks are:

  • Liturgy—focusing on the philosophy and practice of liturgy in the church

  • Your first five years—crafted to equip new worship leaders in the first few years of their ministry

  • Pastoring—offers pastoral insights on how to care for the people of your church off-stage
  • Personal spirituality—a reminder to be a worshipper before you try to lead worship

  • Leading worship—practical guidance on the weekly task of the worship leader

  • Songwriting—a deep dive into the art of creating songs to serve the church

While we believe these tracks will be helpful for you, we also want you to feel the freedom to choose the individual breakout session that’s most helpful for you and your ministry.

Here’s the entire list of breakouts:

Liturgy Track:

  • Getting Started with Liturgy with Charlie Hall

  • History of Liturgy with Dr. Ligon Duncan

  • On Liturgy with the SBTS Department of Biblical Worship

First Five Years Track:

  • Building a Team with Aaron Ivey

  • Choosing Songs with Bob Kauflin

  • Creating a Liturgy with Matt Boswell

Pastoring Track:

  • The Senior Pastor as Worship Leader with Tony Merida

  • Leading through Change with Jonathan Welch

  • How to Pastor People Off-Stage with Matthew Westerholm

Personal Spirituality Track:

  • Recapturing the Wonder with Mike Cosper

  • First Things First with Michael Bleecker

  • Life in the Word with Afshin Ziafat

Leading Worship Track:

  • Planning Corporate Worship with Thabiti Anyabwile, Matt Boswell, Michael Bleecker, and Bob Kauflin

  • Band Lab 
  • Word-Based, Spirit-Led with Charlie Hall, Ryan Gikas, and Joel Limpic

Songwriting Track:

  • Writing Songs from Scripture with Sandra McCracken, Caroline Cobb, Ryan Gikas, and Joel Limpic

  • Writing Modern Hymns with Sandra McCracken

  • Writing Melodies for Congregational Worship with Matt Merker

Whether you’re a worship leader, lead pastor, volunteer, or someone interested in the church’s worship, there’s a breakout for you!

The conference starts on 11/8, so sign up now.

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