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Jan 2019 30 Jan 30, 2019

"Thy Mercy, My God" puts mercy on display. Sometimes I think mercy gets the short end of the stick in our books, sermons, and conversations. “Grace abounds”...Read More

Jan 2019 24 Jan 24, 2019

The D&T podcast is back...Read More

Nov 2018 9 Nov 9, 2018

The D&T Conference goes live today from Louisville, KY, at 3 p.m. today! Here’s how to tune in....Read More

Oct 2018 29 Oct 29, 2018

This year, we’ve structured breakout sessions a little differently. Instead of various a la carte breakouts, we wanted to be more intentional about helping you focus on particular topics by creating breakout tracks....Read More

Sep 2018 26 Sep 26, 2018

Every Christ-follower has heard the call to pray. We hear it from Jesus himself (Matt 6:9, Luke 11:2). Our worship gatherings feature regular opportunities to pray. Other Christians invite us to pray. And there’s an ever-increasing list of books, sermons, and other resources encouraging prayer. At least at a cognitive level, we know we should pray....Read More

Sep 2018 17 Sep 17, 2018

We want everyone not only to understand our core priorities when it comes to music, but to become equipped to bolster the singing here. After all, the singing ministry of a church primarily belongs to the whole congregation, not just the musicians or trained vocalists....Read More

Jun 2018 19 Jun 19, 2018

The songs that come to mind in difficult moments give voice to the emotional contours of our life with God. At the same time, they shape and define that life with God. That is, our songs both express our prayers and form new prayers in us....Read More

Jun 2018 12 Jun 12, 2018

We should approach our task with an intensity of focus that produces a solid outcome. This is counterintuitive for some churches, where worship leadership is handed to a young man whose primary qualification is that he can play an instrument or sing. It counters worship leaders who do only what is needed to get through Sunday so the focus is solely on the preaching of the Word. ...Read More

May 2018 10 May 10, 2018

Some songs quote passages without their context, leaving the exegetical work to the listener--which isn’t inherently wrong but also isn’t helpful. Other songs distorts the true intent of the text by putting verses a new context, which does a tremendous disservice to the church and dishonor to God. I hope this article will challenge songwriters to write, pastors to select, and Christians to champion songs that treat passages in their original context with a renewed co...Read More

Apr 2018 23 Apr 23, 2018

You may only have to pick four songs every week to keep your boss satisfied and your congregation singing, but there’s so much more you actually can, should, and need to do to maintain your integrity as someone who has been called to sing Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to the people God has called to worship Him in grace and truth....Read More